The Tattooed Fairy

September 16, 2017

The Tattooed Fairy

In some sense, tattoos must be terrifying and liberating.  They are graving a word of the name you call only yourself, the stories you chose to remember.  To be so naked is to meet death without fear, laugh, hug her, and cry.  And through this, also find power.  Perhaps this is what it means to be fae. I keep my name so hidden I’ve never seen it myself.  Left open the door of fate to look at my choices carefully and what they truly mean to me.   I feel so far from the people, though I  follow close by in the forest. Their stones and their dogs all that keep us further away.  Yet we watch the cats and are clever indeed. There are always ways to be made. Fox, coyote, come all yea tricksters. We shall ever prevail.  For we are the forest, the edge of man’s whispers, singing them softly, “Follow us deeper the woods. ”  And to the woods they came, the seas, the skies too.   Till nowhere was left for them to chase us, except beyond the moon and the stars.

We laugh as man rushes forward, following us, but first they must learn to get along.  We’re further now than we’ve ever been for those who chase rainbows and dreams.  You must become as gods now, conquer the spaces without and within.  Break down those walls between us.  Lets see you create new kinds of life on your own.  We will always be there to guide you, the elves and the faeries, those from worlds long gone.   Hide and seek, come find us, or are we too scary for you.   And now there is a story for you.   For you and I both, this may be all that we are, these echoes we leave of ourselves.   So I shall explore science, music, romance, compassion, joy, terror, even shame.  We mark these words upon ourselves in deeds, in words and ink.

In this digital world, we are all immortal, the traces that we leave.  Fingerprints, retina scans.  What we liked, loved, bought, sold. We wrote about.  Who we loved.  What we accomplished and won.  How we all grow brighter by the brightness of ourselves and others in the world. Or we could be the comments, complaints, name-calling and childish bullying and hatred. Those shades of us too, echo immortal. Tarnish the light of who we were.  How do you wish to be remembered?  Who will care who you were?  Few villains are immortal, most die quickly, there’s only so far you can go.  Be that guy that pushes the button.  Be the one who destroys the world.    All of the rest will be forgotten, blackened shadows all that’s left after his glow, and most of you will be gone with the innocents. Perhaps you hope you can start again.  Become your own God, re-enact the story of the ark, cast yourselves from paradise again.  And even such egoism is hollow.   You too will all be forgotten, the clock has ticked, the world has moved on.  We know the good and right and best way to be.  It is to be ourselves, do our best, and work with others, everything else is personal belief.

Mass murder is a stupid solution.  It’s been tried by race, religion, and creed.   It’s stupid.  The horizon is always in the statistical noise.  We have always learned the most by having the most views to compare against.  The most concrete proof to substantiate our theories.  But we need to be sure of what we know.  Detached from hatred and conceit.  It’s foolish to rush to state an opinion.  Take some time to do some research, consider what you know.  Is the immediate conflict immediately not life-threatening?  If no, then you have many more possibilities.  Time to think and review.  How could you speak not to this one but millions?  This is not said to quash your passion.  Instead I offer a hothead’s experience:  You can use that spark to do more.  Write stories, poems, songs, your congressman, game games, build an amazing world, pass on all the wisdom you can.  Fight for what’s right and what you believe. We can more effectively change the world.  Or at least our mark on the wall of time or a piece of skin will leave us living immortal.  The parts we always wanted everyone to see.  That’s what I see in a tattoo, a life without fear, but I too live without fear, I’ve worn my marks in different ways as we all do.   Thank you for wearing your story, mine has run too long and there is much to do.

-Fear 2017

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