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The November 10-Second Club

November 29, 2004

This month’s 10-second club seemed like a bit of a challenge, a very rapidfire dense monologue by Jim Carey excerpted from Liar Liar So I gave it a try.

Free as a Bird complete!

November 2, 2004
After a lot of delays and a lot of work, Free As a Bird is now complete. At almost two years in the making, this project blends tradition and computer 2D animation techniques. Everything was drawn, inked, and painstakingly hand-colored with charcoal, then photographed on an old Nelson Hordell animation stand with a digital camera. From there, work was ‘cut out’ with Photoshop and composited together with After Effects. Runtime for this film is approximately 4 minutes. File is a 5.5Meg Quicktime Movie.