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Book Review

October 3, 2008

If you love making animation and haven’t yet heard of the AnimationPodcast, let me strongly recommend it.  Terrific host, guests, and content.

Clay’s most recent guest, Eric Goldberg has a new book out titled, Character Animation Crash Course

Since I’d just come off a long animation hiatus and my character animation has always been stiff, I bought a copy and the hardest thing has not been just ripping through it cover to cover.

This is the absolute best book I’ve ever read on character animation.  His style of writing is easy to read, his examples clear, and it just makes everything click for me in a way that it really hadn’t before.

Curiously, before getting his book, I’d decided to take a stripped down character and re-animate him doing the same ‘take’ over and over in different ways to convey character, emotion, etc.  In his book, Goldberg had taken this exercise one step further, starting and ending with the same pose and doing different in-betweens.  Very good stuff.

I’m also really appreciating his information on timing.  I’ve long understood timing in a strictly mathematical and mechanical sense.  I can graph parabolas like nobody’s business, and I understand how they relate to good motion, but it hadn’t clicked.  I had all the right steps in there but it was still stiff and mechanical.

Somewhere between reading Goldberg’s book and freeze-framing through Clampett animation, it all just suddenly clicked and, like Victor Frankenstein, I now feel as if my corpses have been brought to life!

Two thumbs up!  (But four frames apart to avoid twinning!)