BIFT, The False Dilemma

October 1, 2018

Computers connect us and at the same time are tearing us apart. The world moves faster than ever. We can see so much more of one another.

We need to find our common language.  Shared shorthand.  It is happening.  😉 Emoji ❤️’The Feels”, I particularly love. It expands to, “I have complex emotions here. Let us tread lightly.”

You didn’t need me to explain.  You knew from those two words alone. Instantly translatable. Beautiful.  We need more shorthand language.

So often we ask one another questions and we term them as only Right or Wrong.   0 1 as we move ever faster.   This is bad logic.  There are other answers.

Bounded.  Parts are True or False.  Indeterminate  Cannot answer immediately or at all.  False.  True.  These are 😴 words.  Make better ones.

Indeterminate lacks, “The Feels”. It must be neutral. It includes “The Feels” spoken and hid.

If this indeterminate language gives you the feels.  Let’s try!  Tell me why BIFT is False, Indeterminate, or Bounded. 🙂 🙂

One comment

  1. I kinda got lost, but it was very interesting! You didn’t directly define BIFT; could you connect it somehow to your bolding?

    I’m not sure how ‘Bounded’ fits in. Could you expand on that like you did Intermediate?

    Intermediate is sometime false – like being inbetween civil rights and genocide. How do you deal with it when emotions get tied up in this sort of identity?

    How can I read the Emoji? I’m never exactly sure they’re the ones the author intended. In fact, I’m often led to believe that they’re not the ones the author intended. Do we just roll with it? How do we live with this enforced vagaries of typeface and meaning when the intention is often very specific?

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