Free to good home

September 11, 2015


Know someone who does on paper 2D animation and would like an stand? I have a 1960’s Neilson Hordell that I no longer use. I’ve moved to working digitally.

The composite has 3 axis of movement, X, Y, and orbit plus the top and bottom peg bars can move in Y independent of the composite.

It’s all manual. No electronics, just hand cranks (and the handles are broken off some of those, though easily replaced with a screw, a couple washers, and a bit of tubing) and a manual platten. When I got it, its camera head had also gone missing which is why it sits inside a Bessler copy stand. This isn’t a perfect marriage. The lights on the Bessler (when attached) prevent more than about 10 degrees of rotation of the composite. However, they can be removed and attached to the ceiling to give a full range of motion.

In addition, only the top pegbar has ACME style pegs (ones that I somewhat crudely hand made) though both top and bottom bars have lots of screw down points for pegs and it uses the screw-type pegs. If I knew it was going to a good home, I’d be happy to make some more pegs for it to send it off well. I also have a thin gauge metal ACME and a similar round punch pegbar that I used to use taped to the deck for additional pegs.

The composite weighs about 80lbs, the rest of it is pretty light and it’s pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Here’s a film a made on this stand:


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